We specialize in special event production,  distribution and engineering. We provide remote production services and our experienced team of professionals are capable of offering crystal clear communications anywhere in the world.We provide a range of services to the broadcast and special event industries, from turnkey design, production and execution of made for TV content to providing pooled host broadcast services, post production packages, mobile applications and webcasting.The broadcast team has been a part of some of the largest and most high profile summits and conferences in the world.


Showtechs also has be on the cutting edge of streaming video, from simple single camera web streams, to full blown 53’ expando production trucks with 20 cameras streaming to thousands around the world. With top of the line cutting edge servers around the world and  some of the top engineers on there team, no show is to small or to large. Pay Per View, Roku, iOS, Android, no problem we can stream to all of them. Point to Point Low Latency streaming is also a big part of what Showtech can offer, not only can this reduce costs of satellite time, but also in some cases have less latency the satellite.


Showtech wants to help you from start to finish, we have a team of engineers and designers that can help you every step of the way. What we have found is getting us in the early states of the project, not only helps things go smoother, but can also help save you money, we strive to help save the clients the most money as possible and we can help you work with vendors, venues, and local hands to help save thousands along the way. This business is all about who you know, and we at Showtech know some of the best engineers, designers, and management staff around the world, we bring in the right people for the right job, not the first person available at the cheapest price. Its not always cost effective to bring all of our staff and gear to all jobs so we work with local crews around the world, we do the dirty work so you don’t have to.


We offer temporary internet, wifi, and voip phone distribution, we have been involved in many large profile events setting up internet, wifi, and phones for press around the world for major news events. When your need comes up to distribute internet and/or phones for hour, day, or week we can help with that. We can setup for 10 people or 10,000 people with full monitoring and bandwidth limiting of all connections, we can even setup a price sheet to sell the services to the end user.


Not only do we do full service productions but also do design and install of simple 2 camera setups to full TV control rooms. Let us design and install your single camera web streaming setup or full blown 10 camera TV studio.


We offer a full crew of Engineers from Technical Managers, A1, A2, video control, graphics, cam ops, editors, producers, etc. You may not always need a full crew, so we offer our engineers as great rates, and with credentials that Showtech’s crew has, you won’t be disappointed.